Industry Focus

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Automotive and Supply Industry

The growing needs of clients for mobility and the accompanying digitization trend have lead the automotive industry to profound changes. We assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers to meet these changing conditions. We have in-depth experience in after sales (car, van and truck), which is characterized by highly complex service processes in a global organization structure. Our projects include the professionalization of service contract deals, improving efficiency in the warranty area, the further development of client experience management as well as increasing client satisfaction. We use our experience in digitization projects regarding sales and service/ after sales and use this to identify change measures in performance processes and organization.

Home Appliance Industry
The development of Smart Home Concepts is the current trend in the home appliance industry. The challenge is intelligently linking complicated devices with a user-friendly operation. In addition, household appliances are integrated with mobile devices and even automobiles in the overall system. This restructuring of separate household appliances into a Smart Home System requires good planning, rapid implementation, and therefore outstanding operating excellence. For this purpose, we offer our clients our own experience in quality management in order to make the development process more efficient by means of optimized integration of design departments.

Energy Supply
The restructuring of sustainable energy models is the major challenge facing the energy supply industry. In addition to larger investments, wind farms require new service concepts with stable maintenance processes. These are optimally supported by the quality gate concepts that we have developed.