Expertise from Experience 

Customized solutions for your success

Industry trendsetters are highly responsive companies that recognize trends early on and preemptively initiate successful changes. Basic prerequisites for this driving force are quality core processes and services/ products. The dynamism of a company ultimately results from its ability to recognize sustainable topics and to make its identified core areas lean and efficient.

We develop customized concepts for our clients’ ambitious challenges. These concepts are based on a coordinated target system that is comprised of solid analysis results and current trends. The concept is developed according to our clients’ needs and resources and can affect transformations within its organization and its processes in the areas of sales, after sales and operations. Our extensive experience guarantees the successful implementation by steering or direct support.

In accordance with the assignment, we combine sophisticated methods with analytically strong consultants. If necessary, we draw on our special network of experts from universities and excellent management consultancies. What makes our consultants special: their scientific interest, high professional and methodical competence, willingness to advance their personal development, mutual respect, and drive to succeed.

Methodical Competence

Professionalization of Business Areas
Disruptive innovations, mature markets and increased competitive pressure require companies to optimize their business model. We support our clients in successfully addressing these challenges by identifying core areas and significantly improving their effectiveness through process stabilization and management of key performance indicators. Globally operating divisions have secured their strategic competitive advantage through our concept with process optimization and the following shared service approach.
Digitization Projects
In areas such as sales and after sales, we clarify for our clients to what extent they are already using digital client integration and identify further potentials based on trends. This client orientation forms the cornerstone for the digitization strategy to be developed and the resulting implementation roadmap. This can include multi-channel projects for better client integration, digitization projects for operational excellence and/ or the improvement of administrative areas. In addition to these procedural adjustments, new business areas are identified and implementations are initiated.
Quality Programs
Due to global competition, high quality at competitive pricing is a necessity for every company. Operational excellence that goes beyond production itself is a challenging basic requirement in service/ after sales and distribution, as well as in all administrative processes. For this purpose, we develop concepts and derive quality programs from target values. For enterprises with a dynamic-driven business model, we develop quality management concepts for business cooperation. In line with our scientific roots, we continuously develop quality management to meet the challenges of digitization and mobility.
Project-/ Program-Management
The target-oriented implementation of time-limited and defined tasks is the principle that guides our consulting projects. Our experience is confirmed through our successful management of group programs and our multitude of implementation projects worldwide. In addition to more precise target definitions, the basis is establishing a customized and streamlined tracking process that reports on the implementation of the measures and the results.